Branru Farm

A small homestead in eastern New Mexico


Our story

We started our little farm in 2004 with a couple of goats and a few chickens. After many years of showing goats and many changes, we now keep a few select goats for milk so we can make our soaps and lotions.


And we still have our flock of hens taking care of any bug that dares enter the pecan grove!



This old gal has been with us for many years. She's a sweetheart, most of the time, and produces massive quantities of yummy milk! 

Meet the goats!



This is another older gal. Grand Champion y'all! Such a beautiful goat with a personality to match. This picture's from her days on the show circuit, now she's back home with us for retirement.


Dolly wasn't sure about all these (human) kids surrounding her....


Dolly and I had such a great time at the Goats and Greens expo put on by the Extension Agency here in Tucumcari! Several groups of grade school kids came through and had a fun time learning about goats and growing things! 

But she handled amateur hour at the milk bar like a champ, and the children had a great time!



Our youngest girl and our biggest goof ball! Big, stubborn and absolutely adorable!

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